Can’t wait for August to get wickedly Weird with The Outer Dark? Needing something new to spark your imagination? Tired of being a shut-in with nothing to do, nowhere to go? I figured, why not provide you all with an awesome list of to catch up on while we all play our part in being responsible social distancers. Will be posting lists daily (or more) of creative endeavors that you can access created by or put out by The Outer Dark Symposium on the Greater Weird 2020 Guests, Hosts, Attendees and Volunteers (and where to find them). Enjoy!


Joshua Hackett (Twitter @wordsfromthemaw) – Weird poet and writer of micro-fiction. You can review and purchase STILL SO STRANGE, stories by Amanda Downum and poetry by Joshua here. Check out his work via Twitter

Edward Austin Hall (Twitter @edwardahall) – Poet and journalist who co-edited the 2013 anthology MOTHERSHIP: TALES FROM mothershipAFROFUTURISM AND BEYOND. He also collaborated on ART PAPERS magazine’s 2017 special issue on Philip K. Dick, which includes his story “The Hugo Victors: Introduction to the First American Edition.” Hall’s first novel is forthcoming. You can review and purchase his works via his Amazon author page here.

Lynne Hansen – Horror artist who specializes in book covers. Her clients include Cemetery Dance Publications, Thunderstorm Books, Lynneand Bloodshot Books, as well as folks like New York Times bestselling author Christopher Golden. Art-Haus Gallery in Atlanta will be hosting her solo art show “Lyrical Nightmares: The Art of Lynne Hansen” in May. You can review and purchase her art via her website here.

Brian Hauser (Twitter at @BrianRHauser) – Award-Memento Moriwinning writer, filmmaker and scholar specializing in supernatural horror cinema and adaptation. His debut supernatural horror novel, MEMENTO MORI: THE FATHOMLESS SHADOWS, launched in May 2019, which can be purchased here. He is currently at work on his second novel as well as ongoing film projects. You can check out his work via his website here.

Alex Hofelich – Author and Co-Editor of PsuedoPod. You can check For Mortal Thingsout and purchase FOR MORTAL THINGS UNSUNG, which celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Pseudopod (2016) here and check out the podcast here.


Matthew Jaffe – San Francisco-based artist largely working in the Shadowssymbolist tradition. The occult sensibilities of Welsh writer Arthur Machen are a constant influence on his artistic exploration of the fantastic. He has provided the cover art for many notable writers in the horror and weird literature genres, including Undertow Publications recent release, SHADOWS & TALL TREES 8. Find out more about Matthew on his website here or you can follow him on Instagram here.

Valjeanne Jeffers – Speculative fiction writer and author of nine books, including the IMMORTAL and MONA LIVELONG: PARANORMAL DETECTIVE series. She has been published in numerous anthologies Monaincluding LUMINESCENT THREADS: CONNECTIONS TO OCTAVIA E. BUTLER, SYCORAX’S DAUGHTERS and more. You can check out and purchase her work at her website here, or her Amazon author page here.

Justine Jones (Twitter @teanwitch or Instagram @tean_witch) – JustineIllustrator who has done work for Wizards of the Coast, Kobold Press, and many small publishers, including the cover and interior art for Michael Wehunt’s THE TIRED SOUNDS, A WAKE. Check out and purchase her prints via her website her


Gwendolyn Kiste – Award-winning author of THE RUST MAIDENS, RustAND HER SMILE WILL UNTETHER THE UNIVERSE and more. Her short fiction has appeared in Nightmare Magazine, Black Static, Daily Science Fiction, Shimmer, Interzone, and LampLight, among others. You can check out her work via her website here, and purchase via her Amazon author page here.

nicoleNicole Givens Kurtz (Twitter @nicolegkurtz) – Author, publisher, and educator. She works to amplify marginalized voices in speculative fiction and writes stories that explore race, sexism, and The Weird. You can check out her work via her website here, and purchase via her Amazon author page here.

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