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WELCOME to my online home! Here, you’ll find my latest news, announcements, and my treks into the ever vast and blah2wickedly Weird writing community that I’ve had the absolute pleasure of becoming a part of since I transplanted to Atlanta in 2013. I am Managing Editor for publisher and author Anya Martin’s Atlanta-based retrotastic blog, ATLRetro, creator and publisher of Denouement: Atlanta’s Retro Cinema, [I love film, film history, and everything about the folks that make film happen!] and Assistant Director [Editor: Program Chapbook] for The Outer Dark Symposium on the Greater Weird 2020 [August 14&15 2020]. I am also an avid fiction writer [short stories, poetry, screen/stage – you name it!] focusing on the depths and darkness of humanity, the monsters within and humankind’s ability [inability?] to cope despite the ever-present fear of societal annihilation. Oh, and did I mention, I HEART monsters!


*The Outer Dark Virtual Symposium on the Greater Weird 2020 was a wickedly Weird hit [Aug. 14-16]! If you missed the madness, all material will be available via The Outer Dark Podcast coming your way in the next few months!