Can’t wait for August to get wickedly Weird with The Outer Dark? Needing something new to spark your imagination? Tired of being a shut-in with nothing to do, nowhere to go? I figured, why not provide you all with an awesome list of to catch up on while we all play our part in being responsible social distancers. Will be posting lists daily (or more) of creative endeavors that you can access created by or put out by The Outer Dark Symposium on the Greater Weird 2020 Guests, Hosts, Attendees and Volunteers (and where to find them). Enjoy!



Carrie Laben– Award-winning author of the novel A HAWK IN THE WOODS.  Her work has appeared in such venues as Apex, The Dark, Electric Literature, Indiana Review, and Outlook Springs. She is currently at work on her next novel. You can check out her work on her website here and purchase her novel via her Amazon author page here.

Jess Lewis – A genderqueer writer and organizer who hails from the jesslewishollers of Western North Carolina. Aside from conjuring up strange new creatures and queer utopias, they help organize capacity-building workshops and The Outer Dark Symposium on the Greater Weird. Their most recent work is upcoming in the TWANG ANTHOLOGY, anticipating release on Transgender Day of Remembrance. Snippets of work, as well as an older story in full, can be found on their website here.

Tonya Liburd (Twitter @somesillywowzer) – Award-nominated author Her fiction is used in Nisi Shawl’s workshops as an example of “code switching,” tonyaand in Tananarive Due’s course at UCLA, which has featured Jordan Peele as a guest lecturer. She is also the Senior Editor of Abyss & Apex magazine. You can find her blogging here, or at her Patreon here and you can purchase her work via her Amazon author page here.

Jennifer Loring – Award-winning author whose novella CONDUITS released in September 2014 and was re-JenniferLoringreleased by Lycan Valley Press in 2019. Her debut novel, THOSE OF MY KIND was published by Omnium Gatherum in May 2015. She has since appeared in anthologies alongside some of the biggest names in horror, including Graham Masterton, Joe R. Lansdale, Ramsey Campbell, Steve Rasnic Tem, and Clive Barker. In addition, Jennifer has presented her academic horror research at StokerCon 2018 in Providence, RI, the International Vampire Film and Arts Festival (IVFAF) in Sighisoara, Romania in 2018, and NecronomiCon in Providence in 2019. Check out her work via her website here and her Amazon author page here


Anya Martin – Author of short stories, novellas and plays of The Weird variety. Her anyadebut collection, SLEEPING WITH THE MONSTER was published by Lethe Press. Her novella GRASS, illustrated by Jeanne D’Angelo, was a Dim Shores limited edition chapbook, and her play PASSAGE TO DREAMTIME, illustrated by Kim Bo Jung, was published by Dunhams Manor Press. Her fiction has appeared in fiction and comics anthologies and journals including TALES FROM A TALKING BOARD, LOOMING LOW, ETERNAL FRANKENSTEIN, CTHULHU FHTAGN!, WOMANTHOLOGY: HEROIC, and more. To find out more, check out her website here and her Amazon author page here.

Ian McDowell (Twitter @IanKeithMcDowel) – Award-winning journalist and author of IanMcDowellthe novels MORDRED’S CURSE and MERLIN’S GIFT. His fiction has appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Weird Tales, Cemetery Dance, and the anthologies Love in Vein, The Year’s Best Horror, and the Science Fiction Book Club’s Best Short Novels 2005. His ALPHABESTIARY: 26 POEMS AN DRAWINGS FOR EASILY ALARMED CHILDREN AND THE ADULTS WHO LIKE TO CHARM THEM was published by AM INK. Make your way to his Amazon author page here to check out and purchase his work.

Violette L. Meier – Writer, folk artist, and poet in the supernatural, paranormal VioletteMeierand horror genres. Her books include: THE FIRSTS CHRONICLE OF ZAYASHARIYA, ANGEL CRUSH, SON OF THE ROCK, THIS SICKNESS WE CALL LOVE and her latest HAGS, HAINTS & HOODOO: A SUPERNATURAL SHORT STORY COLLECTION. You can find out more via her website here and can purchase her work via her Amazon author page here.

Gabriel Damian Miravete (Twitter @gabrielintica) – Award-Gabriellanominated writer of fiction and essays that embody her passion for fantasy and science fiction. She teaches film and literature, works in the Under the Volcano Writing Program, and is a founding member of the art and science collective Cúmulo de Tesla. Her stories are published in Three Messages and a Warning (World Fantasy Award finalist) and Una realidad más amplia / A Larger Reality (part of The Mexicanx Initiative Scrapbook, Hugo Award Finalist), among others. Check out her Amazon author page here to purchase her work.

Shane Morton – The mad scientist behind the Silver Scream FX Lab. At the age of three Shane Morton saw King Kong (1933), and he has been a monster-maker ever since. In over two decades as a professional in the horror business, he has worked with greatsShane_ such as Panos Cosmatos and Rob Zombie. He has designed and built horror attractions all over the country, the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse being his biggest and best. You can see his film work in the indie, grindhouse hit DEAR GOD NO!, MANDY, and on television with Adult Swim’s smash hit, Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell, where he is the Art Director of Hell and head of make-up. He is the producer, writer, director, and lead actor of The Silver Scream Spook Show, which has been scaring and entertaining Atlanta and national movie audiences for more than a decade. Shane and the Silver Scream FX Lab offers one hellacious merch store with monster masks, art and more! Check it out here!

Hysop Mulero (Twitter @HysopM) – Horror loving writer who is presently forming a collection of short works entitled GRIT AND CUTTLEBONE. Her work has appeared in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine. When not reading or writing, she spends her spare time hiking the east coast back-country woods and listening to horror scores.

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