MELANIE CREW is a freelance writer and writer of fiction residing in Atlanta, with her two weirdo rescue dogs a.k.a. The Misfit Brothers [Sprocket/Sprockzilla and Spartan/Sparty McFly]. She obtained her Communication and blah1Theatre Arts degree, with a focus on Film from Mercer University. Prior to that she obtained her Liberal Arts Associate’s degree from Emory University.

She is currently the Managing Editor and a Contributing Writer for Atlanta’s favorite comprehensive guide to the 20th century and before, ATLRetro and is the creator  and publisher of Denouement Atlanta, a blog/calendar focusing solely on retro-classic-vintage film screenings in the Atlanta metro area.

From its inception, she has participated in one form or fashion with Anya Martin and Scott Nicolay‘s The Outer Dark Symposium on the Greater Weird. For 2020’s Weirdness, she was Editor of the Program Chapbook, and Assistant Director for the event. From 2011-2014, prior to her relocation to Atlanta, Melanie wrote full-length feature articles for Milledgeville Living, a bi-annual publication covering an assortment of topics surrounding Milledgeville/Baldwin County, Georgia.