Can’t wait for August to get wickedly Weird with The Outer Dark? Needing something new to spark your imagination? Tired of being a shut-in with nothing to do, nowhere to go? I figured, why not provide you all with an awesome list of to catch up on while we all play our part in being responsible social distancers. Will be posting lists daily (or more) of creative endeavors that you can access created by or put out by The Outer Dark Symposium on the Greater Weird 2020 Guests, Hosts, Attendees and Volunteers (and where to find them). Enjoy!


Sumiko Saulson – Cartoonist, science-fiction, fantasy, and horror writer and editor. SumikoShe/he is author of THE MOON CRIED BLOOD, HAPPINESS AND OTHER DISEASES, ASHES AND COFFEE and more. S/he wrote and illustrated the comics MAUSKAVELI, DOOKY and the graphic novels DREAMWORLDS and AGRIPPA and also writes for SEARCH Magazine. Find or more and purchase their work via their website here.

ericschallerEric Schaller – Editor and author whose debut collection of fiction, MEET ME IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AIR was released in 2016 from Undertow Publications. His stories have appeared in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror, Fantasy: Best of the Year, Year’s Best Weird Fiction, and elsewhere. He is a contributor to The New York Review of Science Fiction and WeirdFictionReview.com. His illustrations have appeared in CITY OF SAINTS AND MADMEN by Jeff VanderMeer, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, and AN A TO Z OF THE FANTASTIC CITY by Hal Duncan. He is an editor, with Matthew Cheney, of The Revelator. A reprint Pollyschattelof his story “Three Urban Folk Tales” is available for free via Lightspeed Magazine here. Find out more and purchase his work via his Amazon author page here.

Polly Schattel – Writer, award-winning filmmaker and head honcha at New Southern Films. Her debut feature film, SINKHOLE came out in 2005. Her other films include award winners ALISON and QUIET RIVER. Her first novel THE OCCULTISTS will be released July 2020. Find out more about her work at her website here.

ericseckerErik Secker – Writer and publisher of Bourbon Penn, a Weird-lit magazine. Stories from Bourbon Penn have been reprinted in anthologies including The Year’s Best Weird Fiction and The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror, won the 2018 Aurealis award for Best Fantasy Short Story, and been recommended by Locus Magazine. To find out more, check out his website here.

Jolie Simmons (Instagram @jmoonbird) – Graphic designer, photographer and owner of Moonbird Design. Find out more about her work and check out her portfolio at her website here.JustinSteele

Justin Steele – Fiction Editor at Strange Aeons Magazine and Writer/Editor at The Arkham Digest, also bringing you News From the Weird with The Outer Dark Podcast. With Ross E. Lockhart (Word Horde) in 2014, he published his first anthology, THE CHILDREN OF OLD LEECH. Find out more via his website here, or his Amazon author page here.

AMStephensA.M. Stephens – Artist and writer whose love of the dark and macabre inspired her poetry book, PHANTASMAGORY: A COLLECTION OF DELICIOUSLY DARK NURSERY RHYMES AND MACABRE POEMS, which also includes her art. Her work can be purchased via Amazon here. Take a peek at her artwork which can be found here.

Jeff Strand (Twitter @JeffStrand) – Award-nominated author of over 40 books, including PRESSURE, DWELLER, and MY PRETTIES. He’s mostly a horror author but has cheated on his chosen genre a few times. Several of his JeffStrandbooks have been optioned for motion pictures, and he wrote the screenplay adaptation of his young adult comedy THE GREATEST ZOMBIE MOVIE EVER, currently in development. Find out more via his website here, or his Amazon author page here.

(Sorry, there are no T’s. If you know of any that will be involved with TOD Symposium 2020 or if you are a T and have information I can post regarding your work, let me know and I’ll update. Trying to not leave anyone out. Thanks!)

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