Can’t wait for August to get wickedly Weird with The Outer Dark? Needing something new to spark your imagination in the coming days, weeks, months? Tired of being a shut-in with nothing to do, nowhere to go? I figured, why not provide you all with an awesome list of writers and their stories and artists to catch up on while we all play our part in being responsible social distance-rs. I will be posting lists daily (or more, depending on time) of creative endeavors that you can access by or put out by The Outer Dark Symposium on the Greater Weird 2020 guests, hosts, attendees and volunteers (and where to find them). Enjoy!


civet poster new

Benjamin Capps (www.theinnerbelow.com) is an award-winning supernatural Sci-Fi filmmaker and stop motion animator. Benjamin founded The Inner Below in order to produce his own experimental theatre, with an emphasis on expanding on Antonin Artaud’s theories of Theatre of Cruelty. His latest film CIVET is currently screening on the festival circuit and will screen at The Outer Dark Symposium. Check out more via his IMDB page here.

Of Cinder and BoneLetitia Carelock [KYOKO M] (www.shewhowritesmonsters.com) is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author, including THE BLACK PARADE, an urban fantasy series and OF CINDER AND BONES science-fiction series. You can purchase her books via her Amazon author page here.

Teri Clarke [Zin E. Rocklyn] (www.terizin.com and Twitter @intelligentwat) Her stories can be found in FOREVER VACANCY, The Night SunSYCORAX’S DAUGHTERS, NOX PAREIDOLIA and more. Her most recent published work, THE NIGHT SUN will be available via Tor Books in April 2020. Click here for more details.

Gerald Coleman (www.GeraldLColeman.com) He is the author of the Epic Fantasy novel saga THE THREE GIFTS, which currently includes 41nE0K4tBML._SY346_WHEN NIGHT FALLS (Book One) and A PLAGUE OF SHADOWS (Book Two). He is a co-founder of the Affrilachian Poets and has released four collections of poetry entitled the road is long, falling to earth, microphone check, and Nappy Metaphysic. You can purchase his works at Amazon via his author page here.

Nancy A. Collins (Twitter @nancycollins) Award-winning author whose works include SUNGLASSES AFTER DARK, the Southern Gothic collection KNUCKLES AND TALES and more. To date she is the only ESSYVBWWsAM0Hnrwoman to have written SWAMP THING and was the first woman to write both VAMPIRELLA and THE ARMY OF DARKNESS comic book series. SWAMP THING by Nancy A. Collins Omnibus is due from DC/Vertigo in Spring 2020 – pre-order here.

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