Can’t wait for August to get wickedly Weird with The Outer Dark? Needing something new to spark your imagination in the coming days, weeks, months? Tired of being a shut-in with nothing to do, nowhere to go? I figured, why not provide you all with an awesome list of writers and their stories and artists to catch up on while we all play our part in being responsible social distance-rs. I will be posting lists daily (or more, depending on time) of creative endeavors that you can access by or put out by The Outer Dark Symposium on the Greater Weird 2020 guests, hosts, attendees and volunteers (and where to find them). Enjoy!

(B)These Marvalous Beasts

Natania Barron (www.nataniabarron.com) – If you love monsters, you’ll love Barron’s work! Check out her most recent novel, THESE MARVELOUS BEASTS (2020 by Falstaff Books, LLC) and check out her other works at her Amazon author page here.

Strange CaliforniaLaura Blackwell (www.pronouncedlahra.com) – Pushcart-nominated writer whose stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies including Nightmare, PseudoPod, Strange California, Hardened Hearts, and 2016 World Fantasy Award-winning She Walks in Shadows. Check out the Kickstarter campaign for STRANGE CALIFORNIA featuring a story by Laura here.

Gregory Bossert (www.GregoryNormanBossert.com) – His “The Telling” won the 2013 Black Static - GBWorld Fantasy Award. Publications in 2020 will include Tor.com, Black Static, Weird Fiction Review #10, Forbidden Futures, and The Weird Dream Society. For a listing of free stories, go here! Check out some videos he created for Jeff and Ann VanderMeer (WONDERBOOK here, Myster Odd” celebrating ODD released in 2013 and a video and a playlist of One Minute Weird Tales! And you can check out his Amazon author page here for more!

CollisionS. Breukelaar (www.thelivingsuitcase.com) – Author of COLLISION: STORIES, recently released by Meerkat Press as well as the Aurealis-nominated novel ALETHEIA and AMERICAN MONSTER, a Wonderland Award finalist. Her new novel, The Bridge releases in early 2021.


Madeline Brumby (http://www.madbrumby.com/) – Cast member of MV5BMjM4MDY5Njg2OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzQzODI0NTE@._V1_Genre-ly Speaking, exploitation film star and scream queen acting in films such as DEAR GOD! NO!, FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS and more, to include her role as Ghoul Ghoul Girl in charge with Professor Morte with the Silver Scream Spook Show!

Michael Bukowski (www.lastchanceillustration.wordpress.com monstrousmythologiescoverunmergedtwoorange-1and @illustro_obscurum on IG) – Philadelphia-based artist. His first of three books of monsters with Lethe Press will be available this year. The first of three, MONSTROUS MYTHOLOGIES is available to order here. He also runs the small zine label Seventh Church Ministries.

Jesse Bullington (www.jessebullington.com) – Author of weird Folly-Front-Cover-2-663x1024historical novels THE SAD TALE OF THE BROTHERS GROSSBART, THE ENTERPRISE OF DEATH, and THE FOLLY OF THE WORLD. His short fiction, reviews, and articles have appeared in such diverse publications as the LA Review of Books, The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, and VICE.

letsplaywhitejpgChesya Burke (www.Chesyaburkewriter.wordpress.com) – Chesya has written and published nearly 100 pieces of fiction and articles within the genres of science fiction, fantasy, noir, and horror. Her story collection, LET’S PLAY WHITE, is being taught in universities around the country, and her novel, THE STRANGE CRIMES OF LITTLE AFRICA, debuted in Dec 2015.

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