Love of Words (and Creatures) in the Time of Coronavirus

While we all sit and wonder what our coming days will be like, quarantined and in “social distancing” mode, we wonder how we can make the best of the ample hours now suddenly at our disposal. Netflix binges and sporadic workouts will take up some of that time, but for me, I am finally ready to dip my toes in the weird wide world of story submissions! I am ready to begin looking for new homes for my short stories, “Piscator” and “Familial Familiars” a.k.a. “The Boarding House.” So, wish me luck in taking this next step! And here’s to all who sling words and feel motivated during our very rare downtime. Here’s hoping you create, create and create some more! Looking forward to checking out all of your weird little devious spawns! –Oh, and if it even has to be said, I plan on giving all the hugs and cuddles to Sprocket, a.k.a Sprockzilla and his feisty kitty sister, Lucille!


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